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Level Controller

The probe of the level controller generates a high frequency ultrasonic pulse coupled to the outer wall of the container. This pulse propagates through the walls of the container and the liquid and is reflected back from the inner surface of the container. By detecting and calculating such reflection characteristics, it can be determined whether the liquid level has reached the position where the liquid level controller is installed. The level controller outputs a relay signal to complete the monitoring of the liquid level. It is mainly used to monitor the liquid level of the tank, to achieve upper and lower limit alarms or to monitor whether there is liquid in the pipeline. The tank material can be all kinds of metal, metal or non-foamed plastic. This method is not affected by factors such as dielectric density, dielectric constant, conductivity, reflection coefficient, pressure, temperature, precipitation, etc., so it is suitable for various liquid level engineering control in medicine, petroleum, chemical, electric power, food and other industries. For the detection of toxic and highly corrosive dangerous liquids, this product is an ideal choice.


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