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Constant voltage power supply

The diffused silicon core produced by China Smart Sensor Co.,Ltd. is the core component (OEM) for the manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. As a high-performance primary pressure measurement product, it can be easily amplified and assembled into a standard signal output transmitter. Used in process control of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, medical equipment, automotive, HVAC and other industries.

Most pressure sensors now use silicon piezoresistive conversion chips. This conversion chip is a full-bridge circuit that is spread over the silicon material and needs to be powered (driven) for this full-bridge circuit.
There are two ways to supply power: one is powered by a DC constant voltage source; the other is powered by a DC constant current source.
Both power supply methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are used by design engineers.

The core of the silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor is a high-stability diffused silicon component. The pressure of the measured medium is transmitted to the silicon bridge through the isolating diaphragm and the silicone oil. The principle of the piezoresistive effect of the diffused silicon is used to measure the pressure of the liquid and gas. . The product adopts flat membrane structure, easy to clean, high reliability, suitable for application in food, health and other industries.


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